21 Lectures' mission is to bring more developers to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Lectured by the world's best Bitcoin developers, our courses teach participants the fundamentals to work with Bitcoin & related technologies. We are fulfilling the market's demand for experts and are strongly rooted in the tech-community.


Information wants to be free

A piece of knowledge, unlike a piece of physical property, can be shared by large groups of people without making anybody poorer.
— Aaron Swartz

We believe in the power of open source software, creative commons and that all people should be able to access information freely. This is why we publish all our teaching materials freely available to use, share, copy, distribute and modify. You can find our course material on GitHub. If you want to provide the same courses in your country: Go for it! We would love to hear your feedback and welcome any contributions to our material.



James Chiang.jpg

James Chiang

Libbitcoin Technical Writer, Principal Lecturer

GitHub - Twitter - LinkedIn


Jonas Schnelli

Bitcoin Core Maintainer, Shift Cryptosecurity AG

GitHub - Twitter

Filip Gospodinov.jpeg

Filip Gospodinov

Libbitcoin Developer, inacta AG



Christian Decker

Lightning Developer, Blockstream Corporation

GitHub - Twitter - LinkedIn


Kaspar Etter

Cryptography Specialist, Shift Cryptosecurity AG

Web - GitHub - Twitter - LinkedIn


Dominik Spicher

Bitcoin Application Developer, inacta AG

GitHub - Twitter

Marko Bencun.jpg

Marko Bencun

Digital Bitbox Developer, Shift Cryptosecurity AG


Henrik Jonsson.jpeg

Henrik Jonsson

Bitcoin Educator & Application Developer, Independent

Web - GitHub - Twitter - LinkedIn




Lucas Betschart

Joris Reding

Joris Reding

Product Manager CVEvents.ch

LinkedIn - Web - Email

Roger Darin.JPG

Roger Darin

Raphale Baumann _ Farbig.jpg

Raphael Baumann

Legal Advisor

LinkedIn - Email

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