Advanced Course

1 full week of Bitcoin knowledge

At the Advanced Course course you will learn the essential knowledge about Bitcoin & related technologies. We cover cryptography, the structure of transactions and blocks and how they are chained, smart contract language, the Lightning protocol as well as software and toolkits to develop on top of the block chain and Lightning. You will learn directly from world-renowned specialists such as Lightning protocol co-designer Dr. Christian Decker and Bitcoin Core Maintainer Jonas Schnelli.




Day 1 - Bitcoin Protocol

  1. Bitcoin Intro
  2. Libbitcoin Toolkit Intro
  3. Elliptic Curve Math
  4. Signatures: ECSDA & DER
  5. Transactions
    1. Introduction
    2. Sighash Modifiers
    3. Timelocks
    4. Multisig

Day 2 - Bitcoin Protocol II

  1. Transactions (continued)
    1. P2SH
    2. OP_RETURN / Timestamping
    3. Witness Transactions
    4. RSMC/HTLC’s
  2. Block chain/Block Parsing
  3. SPV clients
  4. P2P Network

Day 3 - Cryptography

  1. Cryptography
    1. Reusable Addresses
    2. Schnorr Signatures
    3. Ring Signatures
    4. Confidential Amounts
  2. Practical exercises with Cryptography

Day 4 - Developing Bitcoin Wallets & Bitcoin Core

  1. All about wallets
  2. Different types of forks / upgrade mechanisms
  3. Bitcoin Core and the ideology and mind-set of Bitcoin
  4. Working on Bitcoin Core

Day 5 - Lightning

  1. History of the Lightning Network
  2. Bitcoin = Lightning
  3. c-lightning
  4. Chaincode channel attack exercise



  • Start 09:00

  • Lunch (included) 12:00

  • Start Afternoon 13:15

  • End 16:30




  • James Chiang

  • Dr. Christian Decker

  • Marko Bencun

  • Jonas Schnelli

  • Kaspar Etter


  • Basic understanding of Bitcoin (make sure you know everything covered in our Bitcoin Fundamentals course)

  • Good understanding of technology

  • Familiar with the command line

  • A Telegram account for communication and exchange of information during the course



What you need to bring with you

  • Laptop with a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (native or virtual machine)




Individual / Startup price: CHF 1’935 (Additional discount for students available)

Corporate price: CHF 4’935 (The discount made possible thanks to our Ecosystem Partners don’t apply)

Lunch is included in the price.




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