If you have ever been in charge of a blockchain related project, you will know that one of the hardest parts is finding qualified developers: those who have been in the space for many years often have done very well for themselves and use their skills to work on a few selected projects, whereas those who have only recently discovered this field often lack the deeper understanding necessary for complex challenges.

21 Lectures’ mission is to bring more developers to the blockchain ecosystem. Lectured by the world's best Bitcoin developers, our courses train new developers the fundamentals to competently work with blockchain technologies. Our unmatched ability to cater to this fast growing market stems from our strong roots in the tech-community and a formidable selection process for potential course participants.

Access to this valuable pool is available to our ecosystem partners. With this sponsored approach, developers who do not yet have the financial resources for expensive education get a chance to learn from the world’s best and can bring this know-how back to these very sponsors.

Graduates of our course

  • are familiar with the basics of cryptography,
  • have a solid understanding of Blockchain primitives and protocol,
  • bring first hand experience with essential infrastructure software.

If this skill set is of interest to your company or project, you too can become an ecosystem partner. This will prominently feature you on our curated list of partners and allow you to receive the CV of every successful course participant. With this setup curious developers get the tools they need, including the opportunity for full time work in the field of their passion.

To learn more about becoming an ecosystem partner, get in touch with us at